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We Want Katamari Videos!


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My apologies, but I do not plan to update wewantkatamarivideos anymore.
A very good place to find katamari videos, including ones created
since I stopped updating this page, is the Katamari on the Web Video Vault:


(much thanks to ThumbsOfSteel and vix for keeping that updated!)


Other places to find katamari videos (YouTube pages listed a little farther down):


FoominFan's new wewantkatamarivideos (currently under construction)

Katamari on the Web video vault
Has many of the same videos that are here, but you might like the format better.
(so awesome that I listed it three times :P )

where Stephen Chan places his videos. Eight excellent We Love Katamari speed videos.

Has a ton of Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari videos where speed is the goal.
(and speed videos of 500 other games :D )


YouTube pages:
Carrot (We Love Katamari)
Chomi (absolutely amazing Katamari Forever videos)
Cybeast Gregar (Beautiful Katamari and Katamari Forever)
Drouge (Katamari Forever)
earlcash05 (Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari, and other games)
FoominFan (Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari -- 50+ katamari videos)
matthew69 (KD, WLK and KF -- 50+ katamari videos, many of them world records)
qpmynz2 (absolutely amazing Beautiful Katamari videos)
SeamonkyNG (Beautiful Katamari and Katamari Forever)
SkywaveTM (Katamari Damacy Online)
Silent Thunder (We Love Katamari and other games)
sloobro (has playlists for each game mostly made up of videos from the other people on this list)
ThumbsOfSteel (KD and WLK -- 70+ katamari videos, many of them world records)
tldraco (Katamari Forever cousin walkthroughs)
Yunomi (absolutely amazing We Love Katamari videos)
ZoopSoul (Beautiful Katamari talkthroughs and many other videos)




KDKatamari DamacyKD
(click here)

WLKWe Love KatamariWLK
(click here)

MMKMe and My KatamariMMK
(click here)

BKBeautiful KatamariBK
(click here)

KFKatamari ForeverKF
(click here)

TMKTap My KatamariTMK
(click here)

Mobile Katamari Games

Katamari Clicker and Endless Runner


Katamari Clones




Katamari on the Web katamari.namco.com
Katamari and everything related to katamari is copyright Namco.
This website and its videos are not endorsed by Namco.
In fact, legally these videos are probably copyright Namco.


Thank you to Scott Kessler and Vortiginous for letting me store my videos for free.
Thank you to www.archive.org for offering to store as many videos as I have for free.
(If you want to store gaming videos on the web definitely check out those last two sites!!!!!)

Thank you to Keita Takahashi and Namco for creating the wonderful world of Katamari.

Much thanks to Iramatak for the idea to include a Recently-Added Videos section.
Thank you to SnapDragon, for getting the ball rolling roll on katamari video-making.
Thank you to Vix for continuing to run the katamari message board.
Thanks to Kuro Knight for creating his Katamari Bios page.
Thanks for FoominFan for letting me link to his website.
Thank you to Iramatak for creating the awesome Chat and Wiki to go with katamariontheweb!
Thank you to Nate and to aaron for encoding some of my videos.
Thank you to Yoda, matthew69, Lo7, Anwonu, SeamonkyNG, FoominFan, ThumbsOfSteel,
and others for the katamari gameplay help.
Thank you to karppa, vix, and discostu for letting me use your artwork!!!
Thank you to GappieMikan for telling me about this rainbow text generator :)
Thank you to YouTube and Google Video for hosting my videos.
Thank you to the hackers out there who have chosen not to hack my website.
Thank you to those that use this site.
And Thank You to everyone who lets me include their videos on this site!!!

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